Thursday, May 22, 2008

Journal Entry: May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008

Well, we're trying something new! Our new webmaster, Kim, suggested that I try blogging rather than going through her each time I want to post a journal, so....

We've had several tours lately. The girls, babies and dogs really enjoy strutting their stuff for an audience! The babies all think they need to crowd the fence to nibble on everyone's clothing or outstretched fingers. The retired tour groups that have come to see us so far really seem to enjoy this as well as sharing goat stories of their own. Of course, I have to share my own stories that happen here. Never a dull moment. Speaking of stories, I forgot to post one the last time I sent in a journal that is endearing to my heart. It has to do with my son, Chris. He's now 32 years old and has always tried to act as though he doesn't like the majority of our goats. Well, we had one doe in particular that was past due, Rosella. We had been going to the barn to check on her nearly hourly, but nothing. Late on the coldest night of the year, Wendy and I went out to check on her and their lay a lifeless little doeling. I scooped her up and took her to the house and tubed some warm colostrum into her, but she was still pretty lifeless. She was still gooey and wet, but Chris whipped his shirt off, grabbed her and put her against his chest and put a couple of quilts over them and sat with her until she came to life. AND, for the next two days, he sat with her either beside him on the couch or in his lap. He fed her and she followed him everywhere. We asked him to name her, so he did some research online and found the name Tora which means Tiger in Chinese. Now when he comes to the barn, she crawls up his leg for attention and loving, so he scoops her up and obliges. Of course, I go over and ask for some loving too and she turns her head away from me toward her "dad". How rude!

Our sad news is, we lost our Grandma Posie. She was one of our first milkers when we began the business. She had arthritis in her shoulder VERY badly and got to the point she couldn't walk without pain, so we knew it was time for her to leave us. That was sooooooo hard. I'll always remember the joy she gave to so many people that could go right up to her (she had free access to the alleyway and was fed, and slept there, so she didn't get shoved around by the others). She loved the attention and hugs she got from everyone and showed it by smiling at them. Posie Girl, you're missed very much!

The babies are growing by leaps and bounds. It's so fun to watch them running and jumping and chasing one another. It's the simple things like that that make this job all worth while!

Will talk again soon! Kathy