Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank you!!!

We at Northern Prairie Chevre want to thank everyone that came out to our open house yesterday!!! What a day it was!! We were very concerned with the weather first thing in the morning, but it couldn't have been a more beautiful day!!!

It's so rewarding to us to be able to share our little bit of country with you all. We have so many guests go to the barns to visit the girls and babies that also visit with Gary and Wendy while out there. They enjoy showing how loving our girls/babies are and sharing what information we can about how we raise our herd. They all mean so much to us.

Thank you also to all our vendors who give up their Sunday afternoons to come out and talk to our customers about their products as well as give samples. It means a lot to us. And, Milton, your burgers are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! And we appreciate everyone that comes into our store to help make us successful in what we do! We appreciate all of you who come month after month to see us and the many new faces we see each month as well!!!

We hope everyone enjoyed the singing of Beth and Rick. I specifically asked them to come because I LOVE listening to them at the DSM Farmer's Market. As busy as we were in the store though, I didn't get out to listen to them until 4:20 - and they were just getting everything put away!!! Bummer!!!!!!!! Next time!

I have to share a little story about one of the animals you never get to see out here and that's one of the bucks - Dante. Dante LOVES balls, and I do mean LOVES. He has a basketball and a smaller child's soccer ball. When he has them in his pen, he pushes them with his head and talks to them. Now that it's close to rut season, he's very amorously talking to the ball - tongue going a mile a minute like he's trying to entice one of the girls. What a hoot to watch!

Until next time... Kathy