Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're Done!!!!!!!!

Much to little Max and Jasper's dismay, yesterday was the last bottle!!!!!! Five months of bottle feeding is a whippin'!

It all started off very calmly (well as calm as it can be in a pen full of kids!) until I started walking out without giving them a bottle this morning. Jasper is the loudest and made no bones about letting me know he wasn't happy!! Hopefully they've calmed down by tonight. Gotta' love 'em!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Open House

Well, the weather didn't cooperate with us entirely, but we still had a good turnout overall. Unfortunately, the entertainment we had scheduled wasn't able to perform because of the rain, but we're trying to get them set up for our October 18 open house. The Onion Creek Cloggers and Band will have a meeting next Sunday during practice to see who all is available and will let us know! Keep your fingers crossed!

We had two boys in particular that fell in love with the kids for the second year in a row. One of them is from Florida and is here on vacation with his family. Last year they fell in love with Skipper. This year it was Max and Jasper. They were very enthusiastic and would've taken them home if they could!!! Of course, OUR kids just ate up all the attention they got!!

If you didn't make it out yesterday, I hope you'll make it for our next open house. Be watching for details.

We had two little girls leave us yesterday and went to Long Grove, Iowa over by Davenport. Delia and Tatiana will become 4-H projects for a couple of young people. My gosh, only two left, but the barn seemed so much emptier!! I know they'll be well taken care of and that helps so much!

A GREAT BIG thank you to my aunt, Pam and Wendy's brother, Gary, for all the help they give us during our open houses. We couldn't do it without them!

July 13, 2009

I'm DELIGHTED to say that Rosco is back home with mom and dad!!! They got a call from someone over by Polk City (several miles away from where he was lost) that he had just come into their yard. They went over immediately and Rosco was thrilled to see them. I'm told he's a little thin, but seems healthy otherwise. He's getting checked out by their vet tonight.

Thank you to everyone who kept an eye open for this special little guy! Kathy