Thursday, August 6, 2009

Next Open House

Wow! This one snuck up on me! Our next open house with Prairieland Herbs, Picket Fence Creamery and Flowers by Donna Jean is Sunday, August 16 from noon to 5.

This month we'll have the band RBJ. They sing the oldies and I absolutely LOVE them!

Karla from KG Photography will also be available to take pictures of you and or your family. Or, if you'd like them taken with "our kids", she's willing to try that too. Getting "our kids" to hold still might be a whole other story, but... She is VERY REASONABLY priced and takes GREAT photos. Purchase $20 worth of merchandise from Miss Tillie's and you can put your name in for a drawing for a free 8x10 and sitting.

Milton Sheeder is planning to have BBQ Beef sandwiches - yum!

Louise will be drawing pictures that may go on some of her note cards for Chicken Chat. She's amazing to watch.

Snus Hill Winery and Jasper Winery will both be sampling their award winning wines. Be sure to check them out.

Mary will have classes on hooping and hoops available to use and for sale.

Cyd's Catering will have some appetizers for sale in our cooler!! They're delicious!

Of course, Gary will have tours of the barn and introduce you to the girls and Honeybump. Ask him to show you how Punky gives kisses!

The babies are growing by leaps and bounds. You won't believe how much they've grown.

Be sure to drop in the store to say hi and taste the samples on the table!