Friday, May 15, 2009


What a shock we had last night! We went to do chores and found one of our does (that we didn't think could get pregnant) in labor and close to delivery!!! We had Lola and her pal Margot next to a buck for nearly a year. The buck got over the fence one time for just a short but, but we didn't think Lola was in heat. SURPRISE!!!!!

She blessed us with 2 bouncing baby boys. One is brown with white on his head and ears, the other is pure brown. Cute as can be! So, instead of being done bottle feeding in two weeks like we thought we were going to be, it will be another two months!

Need names!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Well, it doesn't seem I'm any better at keeping this current than I was on the regular website. I'm sorry!!! Ok, let's see where to start.

We ended with 39 kids in total from 17 moms. 23 were doelings and the other 16 were bucklings. The last were triplets born to Dotty on March 31. We had one doe, T-Bird, that freshened 11 days early. Only one of the triplets survived. She was 5 pounds and was able to eat and everything on her own with no problems. Just a little smaller than the others. Needless to say, she's VERY spoiled. Her name is Nalla and she loves to be held and rocked in your arms. In fact, she prefers it to walking!

We've been very fortunate to have many of our babies go to very loving, caring homes. That makes it much easier on us to see them go - although the barn always seems empty once some leave. Nearly all are weaned - just 8 still getting morning bottles yet this week and 3 get bottles 2x daily. The rest are eating hay, grain and browsing on pasture great.

We've had two open houses so far this year. The next will be Sunday, June 14 from noon to 5pm. The first one was snowed out - only three brave souls dared to come out. It wasn't fun! The second one was this month and was a beautiful day and a wonderful turnout. We had a jazz band from Valley High School in WDM, which was absolutely great! Also two wineries, Cyd's Catering, Louise from Chicken Chat notecards, Pat from Randol Honey and Larry from Quilted Gardens Nursery. Oh, and I can't forget Mary and her hula hoops! What a great time! Our 4-legged kids were totally exhausted by the time they greeted everybody and received all the attention they got. Bet they slept great that night!!!

I have a piece of bad news. We lost one of our Great Pyr's, Stosha, this morning. Gary and Wendy went to the barn to start chores and she was in the alleyway, but not right. We loaded her up and took her to our wonderful vet, but unfortunately, he wasn't able to save her. I was with her and thankfully she didn't suffer at all. It always feels like a chunk of our hearts have been torn out when we lose one of our loved ones here on the farm.

Come on out and see us June 14 for our next open house. We look forward to seeing you!