Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freezing January!!

Wow! January in Iowa has been a hum dinger! Lots of snow and this week is below zero temps! Right now we're wishing we were back in Hawaii!!! The girls are all snug as bugs in the barn. They're in deep oat straw and snuggling up to one another as well. Today and tomorrow are to be exceptionally cold, so we're keeping them all closed up and they're thoroughly happy girls!

Hawaii was great and very hard to leave. It was 80s and light rain when we left Hawaii and 20s and snow when we landed back in DSM. What a welcome home! NOT!! Gary and Lana did an excellent job taking care of everybody while we were gone. They kind've snubbed us for a short while when we got back - little stinkers!

The girls are getting heavy with kids. We've had several contact us for kids for this year. Sure would be nice if we had as many doelings as we did last year. Really anxious to see what all we get this year. Caylah is the first one due on February 9. She's our oldest and a great milker. We had hoped to have 25 freshen this year, but they had other ideas and we think we only have 17 or 18 bred. They really DO have minds of their own.

Our sweet Amore' had what we think was a pinched nerve. She carried her front left leg for nearly a week and we saw it kind've twitched as well. We did our home vet work on her with no results, so called our local vet. He checked her out and confirmed he thought it was a pinched nerve and said there was a "chance" she'd get better and suggested separating her from the others so she didn't get bumped for a few weeks. Well, we have her separated (she has the run of the alley way) and we treated her as he suggested PLUS we've been giving her "goat massages" and have really seen a BIG improvement. The leg is no longer twitching and she has begun using it. Thank goodness!!

We lost our 19 year old Kizzy (parlor cat) about a month ago. It's so strange to go in and not see her there. She was healthy to the end - age just caught up with her. She gave so many people enjoyment when we had tours.

Time to sign off for now. Stay warm!