Monday, September 15, 2008

What a crisp, cool day this is. I'd swear it's Fall already and there's still three weeks to go! The Farmer's Almanac says we're going to have a colder than usual winter. Just makes me want to get up in the morning! NOT!

All of our babies are gone except the 7 we're keeping for next year. The last ones left last week - boy, is that ever hard! We ended up keeping Nevaeh and her sister, Amore', Tora, Lindsey, Toodles, Angelina and our special needs child Alisha. (Alisha was born with Spinabifada. She's healthy in every way except she has no feeling in her tail and doesn't have the urge to go potty, so doesn't have the instinct to sqwat. She's a sweety though! She'll be a wonderful pet.)

We started breeding last Friday. Caylah thought Dante' was the love of her life, so they got to "visit" and then she hung out at his gate for nearly 24 hours being loved. They're so silly when they're in heat. We've decided to cut back our milkers drastically - I think we're going down 10. We do have a few milkers we would like to find homes for if you're looking for one. Also some very nice retireds yet. They're all big lovers.

We purchased a new milking machine from Hamby's a couple of months ago. What a change - all for the better!! It milks so much more quickly and seems to pull much less on the girls. Our other machine was pretty old and not doing so good any more. I think the girls are relieved too!

Toby, our oldest Great Pyr is really showing his age. He's 9 today. He's getting a little harder of hearing, but can still hear those coyotes!

Will write more soon!

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